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Getting Started...

A short guide to the world of social betting on Game of Odds

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Create an account using our quick and easy registration form.

Deposit funds

Make a cash deposit and join one of sit-and-go real cash games.

Play for free

As well as cash games we always have free-play leagues for each sport/competition.

Join Leagues & place your bets

Upon joining a league you’ll be credited with your first fantasy betting allowance. Make sure you use it all as you’ll be getting more at the end of each round and only winning bets count towards your league position!

Bet won - Decision time!

Do you reinvest your winnings or leave them to bank? The winner is the player with the biggest bankroll at the end of the competition.

Bet lost - Panic not!

Most of our competitions run through more than one round. You’ll be given a new fantasy betting allowance at the end of each round. See “next bank” countdowns for each competition you’re playing in.

Round ends - Banking time

Any winnings accrued from successful bets are “banked” at the end of the round. At the same time you’ll be credited with a new allowance for the next round!

If this is the end of the final round, all outstanding bets are settled, the league table is finalised and the winners get paid out!

Loging In/Registering

Enter your username/email and password and click “Sign In”
Please note that you can log in using either the username or email address that you signed up to GOO with.

My Leagues

Here you will see a list of all the leagues you are entered in and how you are doing. You also have the ability to create your own private leagues to create your own mini competitions.

League Table

Current standings for the selected league will be displayed, and through this page you can start to make your 1st selections by clicking on the “View Fixtures/Place Bets” button.


You will now see the markets for the selected League.

  1. These are the season/tournament long markets
  2. These are the upcoming fixtures that odds are available for
  3. Markets available for the selected Fixture
  4. The coupon is an easy way of view all odds for all fixtures currently available
  5. This is where you can view you current total banked and available to bet

So now we will go ahead and place a bet.

Placing a Bet

Here you can see that I have selected two outcomes across two games. I have selected Swansea to beat QPR and Newcastle v Tottenham to be a draw. This has now given me boxes at 1, 2 and 3. This means that I can back these games as singles, but also have the option to back them in a double (other multiples available with more selections). So now I will go ahead and make my bets.

Bet Placed

Once my selection has been made they will appear in the “Unsettled bets” box towards the bottom of your screen. You can see here I have taken two singles and a double. The money will be taken from my account and I am now free to continue with new selections.

Create Your Own League

If you wish you can create your own private league and invite people to compete.

League Settings

Add your own Avatar to your league.

Invite Members

You now need to let your friends know your league is available either by:

  • Entering their emails and we'll email them.
  • Copying the text and links and emailing them/or posting on your forum

Personal Profile

Don't Forget to customise your profile, and check to see what awards or achievements you've accomplished.