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Rules of the game / How to play

What is Game Of Odds? (or “GOO” as we like to call it!)

Game of Odds is a “fantasy betting” game that uses real live odds for real sports events that can be played between friends and on a global scale.

Upon registration at Game of Odds you will be entitled to play 2 formats of the game (free and real cash games), each are explained in more detail below.

How to play the game...

Both free to play and cash games work on the same principle. Players are issued a fantasy betting allowance to bet with as they wish for every round of a competition. A round may be, for example; one weekend of Premier League Football or one Horse Racing meeting. Players receive a fixed amount of fantasy funds to stake each round. This fantasy betting allowance is to last for the duration of the round. At the same time “banking” of winnings from the previous round also occurs.

When the banking is done any fantasy cash the player has won from bets placed is secured. The player who secures the most at the end of the competition is the winner. Only cash that has been staked can be banked, if you do not invest any of your fantasy betting allowance then nothing will be banked.

When cash games reach their fixed end date the winner(s) are determined based on returns from bets and the real cash prize pot is divided and paid out accordingly.

We aim to settle all outcomes of any event within 30 minutes of completion to allow the maximum chance of reinvestment of any winnings.

League rankings are determined by a fixed set of sort conditions. Players are sorted firstly by returns from bets, then by total staked amount and finally by the number of different fixtures bet on. If players are still tied after these three sort conditions they share a place in the final league standings and any winnings for that place are divided equally.

Play for free

Game of Odds will always offer a play for free option on any sport we offer. We like to make our games available to anyone, and would always suggest that new members try at least one round of play for free before joining any of our cash games.

There will still be cash prizes on offer in some of the free play competitions. Information on this can be found on our competition information pages.

Cash Games

Cash games are pay to enter games that operate in a “sit-and-go” format. You will still enjoy the fun of fantasy betting with the additional buzz of the potential for winning the league and winning real cash returns. Game of Odds real cash games run over various durations – ranging from 1 day to competition long formats. Be sure to check our terms and conditions and any information specific to your chosen game before you enter. Cash games are available for all sports.

We offer various entry levels to our cash games from £2 up to £50. Occasionally cash games will be created with a "guaranteed pot" denoted by the term "GTD" in the league title. Guaranteed pot games are guaranteed to pay out the designated amount or more regardless of the number of entrants.

The number of entrants varies for each cash game from a minimum of 3 person entry to an unlimited number of entrants. The breakdown of how our standard cash games prize funds are divided can be found below. Any variations to this will clearly be stated on the information tab.

Less Than 3VOID
3 to 41100.00%
5 to 9265.00%35.00%
10 to 27350.00%30.00%20.00%
28 to 36445.00%25.00%18.00%12.00%
37 to 45540.00%23.00%16.00%12.00%9.00%
46 to 54638.00%22.00%15.00%11.00%8.00%6.00%
55 to 63735.00%21.00%15.00%11.00%8.00%6.00%4.00%
64 to 72833.50%20.00%14.50%11.00%8.00%6.00%4.00%3.00%
73 to 99932.00%19.50%14.00%11.00%8.00%6.00%4.00%3.00%2.50%
100 to 1261230.00%19.00%13.25%10.50%7.50%5.50%3.75%3.00%2.25%1.75%
127 to 1531528.50%18.00%13.00%10.25%7.50%5.50%3.75%3.00%2.25%1.50%1.25%
154 to 1981827.00%17.00%12.75%10.00%7.50%5.50%3.75%3.00%2.25%1.50%1.25%1.00%
199 to 2972726.00%16.50%12.50%9.75%7.25%5.25%3.50%2.75%2.10%1.25%1.00%.75%.60%
298 to 3963625.00%16.00%12.00%9.25%7.00%5.00%3.25%2.50%2.00%1.25%1.00%.75%.55%.45%
397 to 4954525.00%15.50%11.50%9.00%6.75%5.00%3.25%2.50%2.00%1.15%.90%.70%.50%.40%.35%
496 to 5945425.00%15.50%11.25%8.75%6.50%4.75%3.10%2.50%1.95%1.10%.85%.60%.45%.38%.33%.30%

All pay-out percentages are calculated after our administration/handling charge is deducted